Directions to OSORC

Take I-5 south to Olympia.
Take Exit 104 - Hwy 101 / Aberdeen exit.

Stay on the main hwy all the way to Aberdeen--about an hour. Stay in the left lane through Olympia and past the Hwy101 off-ramp. Watch your speed, cops love this highway. Coming into Aberdeen, the main road goes from a 4 lane hwy into a three-lane one-way road just past the Burger King and over the bridge. Get in the right lane--follow signs to Ocean Shores.

Stay in the right lane, follow signs for Ocean Shores / Hoquiam / Hwy109.

Go through downtown, at the end of town, the middle and right lanes will force you to go right--follow the road through that right to Hoquiam / Hwy109.

You're still on a one-way road, now 2 lanes. Get in the left lane and stay in the left lane past the McDonalds, and over the draw bridge in Hoquiam. Follow signs to Ocean Shores / Hwy 109

Just over the drawbridge, the road makes a sharp right past a lumber store. DO NOT go straight when get to the other side of the bridge--follow the road right past the lumber store.

The lane you're in comes to a left turn light. Follow the light through the left turn--Hwy 109.

You will be leaving town now. Stay on Hwy109 past the High School. You'll go through what I like to call 'the twisties', then go past a wood carving place, and Lytle's Seafood. After about 15 minutes, You'll come back into civilization and see a Gull gas station on your left.

Just after the Gull Gas station, there will a turn that says "Ocean Shores"----KEEP GOING, do NOT turn into Ocean Shores.

K, so go exactly 7 tenths of a mile past the Ocean Shores turn and turn left onto a dirt road with a sign out front that says Ocean Shores Outdoor Recreation Club.

If you want to look it up, use, NOT MapQuest, it doesn't like the address.
58 Dunes Lane, Ocean City, WA 98569

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