A request must be submitted to OSORC Board of Directors for review and approval. Please use Site Improvement Proposal form for this purpose. Ensure that you clearly explain your project intentions, dimensions, and expected location on your site. You must also include a drawing (attached or on the back of the form) of your intended Pole Building, this does not have to be professional or to exact scale, this drawing is only to ensure that all parties can identify the Members intent.

* OSORC Board of Directors approval must accompany Permit Request to Grays Harbor County *

Once approved by the OSORC Board of Directors – go to the Grays Harbor website under the Residential Property Development Residential Property Development (graysharbor.us)


      When your project is completed, and you have received your final inspections from Grays Harbor County, a final inspection with the OSORC Board of Directors must be completed. You must submit a complete copy of all  County permits and inspections with your final inspection request. Once this inspection is completed, the copies submitted will be retained in the Member file.




Grays Harbor County
Building Division
100 West Broadway Ste 31, Montesano, WA 98563
Phone: (360) 249-4222
Fax: (360) 249-3203

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